Inbound calling: Intermittent Busy Signals

After 4 hours and 40 minutes

The incident has now been resolved. Thank you.

After 2 hours and 21 minutes

Service restoration is still underway. We are continuing to monitor.

After 2 hours and 12 seconds

Our current testing has shown a partial restoration of inbound services. We are continuing to monitor and and provide updates.

After 1 hour and 26 minutes

At this time we have been informed that the observed impacts to inbound calls is a direct consequence of a malicious attack on one of the major telecom carriers within the industry. To date, this is the second instance of such nefarious activity impacting the entire industry and remediation steps are being actively pursued by all involved parties. We are continuing to monitor the situation as it progresses.

After 50 minutes

Our team continues to investigate this incident urgently.


An issue with an underlying carrier is resulting in a portion of inbound calls returning a busy signal/tone. Our team is currently investigating.

Our support team is available: 617-712-3000:

Began at:

Affected components
  • Plum Voice Core Products
    • DEV
    • PCI DEV
    • Fuse
    • PCI Fuse
    • Insight
  • Plum Voice Services
    • Inbound Calling