Underlying Carrier Issue

After 2 hours and 2 minutes

The issue with our underlying carrier has been formally resolved. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

After 43 minutes

A temporary fix has been put in place and the issue is now mitigated. We will continue to monitor and test to determine when mitigation steps can be reversed and normal service has been restored.

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After 25 minutes

At this time it has been determined that the approximately 200 numbers impacted are exclusively local telephone numbers. Toll-free numbers (800,8XX) are not impacted by this carrier issue.


The following announcement is the corrected announcement regarding the current carrier issue:

We're experiencing an issue with one of our underlying carriers. Approximately 200 phone numbers are experiencing an interruption in service. Our team is reaching out to the appropriate parties. As additional information becomes available we will continue to update the status page. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Began at:

Affected components
  • Plum Voice Services
    • Inbound Calling